We are one of the India's largest manufacturers and bulk suppliers since 1995 of all Agricultural Spreader, Surfactants, Adjuvants, Wetting Agents. Our range comprises of 100% Active Premium Silicone Super Spreader, 25% Active Economic Silicone Super Spreader, Non Ionic Super Spreader, Ionic Economic Spreader. We can customise the products as per requirement also.

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Incepted in the year 2016 and backed with an 35 years of experience in agro-industry, We are the ace and the most prominent manufacturers of Organic Spreader, Bio Bactericide, Plant Growth Regulators, Bio Pesticides, Amino Acid, Neem Leaf Extract, Surfactants and Adjuvants, Hunic Acid, Zyme, Soil Conditioners, Bio Fertilizers, Plant Food Supplements, Bio Fungicides, Bio Miticides, Bio Larvicides etc.

Spreader | Surfactant | Wetting Agent

A Spreader | Surfactant | Adjuvant | Wetting Agent, which on mixing with the insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and defoliators increased their efficacy. As a result of, the crops, fruits and vegetables are better protected from diseases and pests resulting in better yield. This adjuvant can be mixed in most of the pesticides solution to improve their performance many folds.


A Spreader | Surfactant | Adjuvant | Wetting Agent breaks down the surface tension of the water. These surfactants work on the surface of the water droplet to reduce its tendency to bead up by pulling the water and the wax on the leaf surface together, reducing the water’s surface tension and causing the water droplet to spread out.

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Silicone based Spreader Manufacturers


Backed with an experience of over 25 years of manufacturing Spreaders and known across the country for our quality and services. We always thrive to provide the best products with optimum cost and high quality. We believe in building and nurturing a long-term and fruitful business relationship. In accordance to our vision of bringing a smile to every farmer’s face, it is our consistent effort to provide the rural community with quality products from time to time. Our Parent Company, New Malwa Agritech Corporation, has always been widely associated with quality, reliability and better service since 1995.

Silicone based surfactant Manufacturers


Managed by agro-tech professional and backed with the guidance of agri. scientist, It is our endeavor to serve the nation by serving the farmers with the best quality, and research based innovative products and necessary guidance. We believe that by serving our customer, we are serving god and hence our focus and commitment is towards R&D driven innovations. To attain leadership through excellence in innovation, we constantly strive for building trusting relationships with all of our stake-holders like farmers, dealers, business associates, employees, channel partners and the community at large by encouraging entrepreneurship and sharing prosperity.

Silicone based Wetting Agent Manufacturers

Packaging and Quality

Quality is the prime factor on which, our company makes no compromise. Our organization engaged in manufacturing and bringing a wide range of surfactants. In order to do this, we procure fine quality ingredients from certified market vendors only. Our determined and dedicated team strives to meet several safety and environmental requirements. Our team of quality controllers performs strict tests on these surfactants, at each level of production, to ensure that these are free from all flaws; also these are tested using modern analytical methods in our laboratory.

Silicone based surfactant Manufacturers


Our state-of-an-art infrastructure helps us in formulating our range of spreaders in large quantities and thus, we able to meet the varied requirements of our clients. We can easily customize the products as per the specifications provided by our clients, and the changing market strategies. Moreover, the developed products are stringently checked by our professionals who are well trained team of experts that make us possible to deliver quality products on several well-defined parameters to ensure their flawlessness.

Our Range of Spreaders

Silicone based Spreader ME-SP100


Silicone Premium Spreader

Silicone Spreader ME-SE200


Silicone Economic Spreader

ME-SS300 Super Amway APSA80 type Spreader


Super Spreader

Silicone Sticker Spreader Chipko ME-ES400


Economic Spreader


We have a list of questions that are commonly asked by our clients about the spreaders. We hope these answers will help all your related queries.

A Spreaders | Surfactants | Adjuvants is any material added to a herbicide, insecticide spray solution to enhance or modify the performance of the solution. Adjuvants can be divided into two general categories: spray modifiers and activators. Spray modifiers are those adjuvants that change the wetting, spreading or sticking characteristics of the spray solution. This is primarily accomplished by a modification in the surface tension of the spray solution. Activator adjuvants primarily influence the absorption of the herbicide, insecticide by a direct interaction with the plant cuticle. Surfactants can be defined as spray additives that facilitate or enhance the emulsifying, dispersing, spreading, sticking or wetting properties of liquids (spray modifiers).
We supply all types of spreader in 200 Lt., 50 Lt. HDPE Barrel. Private and custom packaging option is also available on request. Order completion may vary according to availablity of raw materials and packaging material and are subject to change without prior notice.
Surfactants breaks down the surface tension of the water. The surfactants work on the surface of the water droplet to reduce its tendency to bead up by pulling the water and the wax on the leaf surface together, reducing the water’s surface tension and causing the water droplet to spread out.
These Surfactants | Adjuvants also acts as a penetrator. They increase the water penetration, as a result MORE WATER into the soil, thus helps in reducing evaporative water losses and runoff> Hence saves water. Very helpful in irrigation ny increasing rate at which water soaks into the soil and helps to promote MORE EFFICIENT WATER USAGE.
Store in the original packing in a cool and dry ventilated area. Avoid freezing or heating of the material. Seal the packing properly during intervals while not in use.
Spreaders are compatible with a wide array of agricultural fertilizers, insecticides, defoliators, herbicides, foliar micro-nutrients, PGR and pesticides. It is recommended to do a small jar test before preparing a full tank mix. Also check the compatibility of the other chemical before mixing.
Recommended for all crops and vegetables like: Pulses, Tobacco, cotton, citrus, paddy, pepper, tomato, flowers, onion, melons, papaya, cucurbits, capsicum, potato, peanuts, soybean, maize, wheat, garlic, ginger, radish, carrot, okra, cauliflower etc. It is also suitable for all other types of crops like: millets, cereals, fruits, spices, medicinal crops, aromatic crops, orchards and ornamentals.
Please refer to each product page for TDS, MSDS and COA about with each product.
Please refer to each product page for dosage.


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